About Black Sheep Harley Davidsons for Christ Motorcycle Ministry

Black Sheep Harley-Davidsons for Christ is more than just a motorcycle club. It’s a motorcycle ministry of men and women that ride for Jesus: helping and serving H.O.G. members and chapters across the country.

The ministry exists “To introduce Jesus Christ to the world of motorcycle riders, for the purpose of making more and better disciples through the ministry of the local church.

While remaining involved in a local church, we get to ride with other believers, meet new friends that ride, support people, share God’s love and how to become saved if they so choose.

What Black Sheep Does:
  1. Bring the Gospel to those who ride.
  2. Help those who are in H.O.G.
  3. Support a local church.
How Black Sheep Does it:
  1. Ride and develop relationships with H.O.G. Members.
  2. Encourage and support other Black Sheep Members.
  3. Support the Church and the Black Sheep ministry
    (Financially and prayerfully that it may grow and be effective.)
Why Black Sheep Does it:
  1. God said to do it.
  2. We are uniquely qualified by proximity, demographic profile, and Harley Ownership.
  3. No other ministry group exists specifically for the 1,000,000 plus H.O.G. Members.